You Want VR to Be Your Home? Valve Is Working On It.

SteamVR Home

Valve launched the Beta for its SteamVR Home, and we’re not sure we want to leave it anymore. Why? Well, can you customize the environment in your living room depending on your mood that day? Does your living room have integrated social futures and a Steam interface? We’ll take a wild guess and say “No”. Environments can now be higher resolution and support animation, sound, games, and interactivity. Players can…

Roomscale for Oculus Is Getting Closer


Why have we always been saying that HTC Vive prvodes the most immersive VR experience on the market? You guessed right – mostly because it has roomscale. The ability to transfer your physical movements in the virtual space is amazing and it was about time to hear more about Oculus’ roomscale plans. We’ve been hearing for a while about the 360 degree configuration for Oculus but it was just in…

What to Expect From the VR World at E3 2017


E3 is just a month away and we were eager to see what are the big names in the VR world ready to show at one of the biggest video game conferences out there. E3 is a great opportunity for the biggest brands to showcase new content and even tech, but, as it seems, we won’t see as much as we’d like to see. Here’s what the big VR names…

The Big VR Winners at Unity Vision Summit 2017


The second North American Vision VR/AR Summit in Los Angeles kicked off and over a thousand developers, programmers, artists, founders, and business leaders gathered to discuss, learn, and explore the future ov VR and AR. The 2017 Vision VR/AR Summit Awards also took place and here are the big VR winners we were looking for: Best Game – Superhot VR (SUPERHOT Team) As we are still expecting Superhot VR on…

The New Samsung Gear VR with Controller is Available Now

April 24th, 2017

The new Samsung Gear VR with controller, powered by Oculus, is now officially available for purchase, and has over 20 titles for its launch. The new Gear VR headset was unveiled in February at the MWC and now the end users have the chance to put their hands on the updated version with the needed new addition – the controller. With the controller, you can use your hand to point,…

Ridley Scott Launches a VR Division

April 18th, 2017

Ridley Scott’s RSA Films has launched a dedicated VR division called RSA VR! As RSA Films states, the new division will be dedicated to creative development and production of immersive media for VR, AR and Mixed Media productions. The first project out of RSA VR is for Scott’s new movie “Alien: Covenant”. As you probably remember, this is not the first time Ridley Scott has been involved with virtual reality.…

Viveport Went Live! Here’s What You Get!

April 10th, 2017

HTC’s Viveport went live last week, one year after the retail release of the HTC Vive. If you don’t know what Viveport is – well, it’s basically a subscription-based app store for VR content, just like Spotify is a subscription-based app for music. Kind of. What is Viveport offering? Instead of buying separate games, now you can spend $6.99 per month and play a number of HTC Vive games available…

How to Watch Movies in VR

April 3rd, 2017

With the release of the highly anticipated “Ghost in the Shell Movie”, which is now available on Gear VR & Oculus Rift, we found out that many of our friends have no idea that they can watch movies on their VR headsets. That’s why now we’ll share with you some quick tips about how to watch movies in VR. Before you begin, have in mind that watching movies in VR…

Thanks for Sharing the News about Our Wireless HTC Vive Prototype!

March 27th, 2017
Media Coverage March

Last week we shared with you all the news about our working prototype for a wireless HTC Vive. Since then, we received an overwhelming response from both media and VR enthusiasts alike. The news has been covered on sites like UploadVR, RoadToVR, Digital Trends, Slashgear, VRR, MSPoweruser, etc. It’s also been translated for articles in German, Italian, Japanese, Bulgarian, and Indonesian! We’d like to extend our thanks to everyone who…

Quark VR Now with a Working Prototype of the Wireless HTC Vive

March 23rd, 2017
Krasi trying out the new wireless HTC Vive prototype

As you may already know, we have been developing a way to cut the cords off the HTC Vive for the past several months. We’ve been aching to share our progress with you for quite some time! And while we may have a bit of polishing to do, we are beyond excited to share a teaser of our results so far! The video features our CEO and co-founder Krasi Nikolov,…