Brace Yourselves – VR Ads Are on Their Way

June 30th, 2017

A recent Google Developers Blog post states that Google is now experimenting with an early-stage project for creating VR forms of advertising. This means that the inevitable will happen and we’ll probably see VR advertising in the near future. Fortunately, Google claims that they will search for “useful and non-intrusive” methods to do that. According to Google, the first idea for a potential format presents a cube to users, with…

Top 5 VR Arcade Experiences

June 21st, 2017
VR Arcade

Arcade games might be a thing from the past, but VR Arcades and theme parks are definitely the future. We’ve already talked about how arcades are making a comeback thanks to VR and there are so many awesome VR experiences right now, we decided to put on a non-comprehensive list of our favorite ones so far. Ghostbusters We know – “Ghostbusters: Now Hiring” had some negative reviews but people tend…

5 Brand New PSVR Titles Revealed at E3

June 13th, 2017

As expected, Sony revelaed a bunch of new titles for PSVR, including Skyrim, but today we’ll take a quick look at the brand new titles that were announced. Star Child This VR platformer game looks quite beautiful and from what we see in the trailer, we gotta say we’re definitely excited to try it out. Not sure yet about how the controls will work but there’s plenty of time to…

The Future of PSVR Looks Better Than Ever


Sony has delivered approximately 2 million VR headsets in 2017, and now, with the release of its new aim controller, PSVR gains huge momentum, and we expect to see its peak at E3 2017 in a few days. The numbers are big, but not really that surprising, as PSVR is slightly more affordable than Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and it doesn’t require more than a PlayStation 4 to work.…