You Want VR to Be Your Home? Valve Is Working On It.

SteamVR HomeValve launched the Beta for its SteamVR Home, and we’re not sure we want to leave it anymore. Why? Well, can you customize the environment in your living room depending on your mood that day? Does your living room have integrated social futures and a Steam interface? We’ll take a wild guess and say “No”.

Environments can now be higher resolution and support animation, sound, games, and interactivity. Players can teleport around and explore any of the hundreds of environments created by the community. In addition, players can customize and save their environment with props and drawings, then set it as their default home space. SteamVR Home will try to bridge the gap between the current desktop steam interface while integrating meaningful and functional social interaction with your friends whilst in VR.

SteamVR Home InterfaceIf you’re familiar with Valve’s work on Destinations, you’ll love to know that Valve took the its core functionality, reworked it, and renamed it to SteamVR Home (Beta). With that said, the Destinations app will no longer be updated.

SteamVR Home will try to connect the current desktop steam interface while integrating social functions to help you connect to friends and other players like voice, interacting with tools and props, and exploring different SteamVR environments with others.

So, would you enjoy living in a VR home? Tells us here or on our Facebook page!

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