Intugame VR Troubleshooting 101

December 4th, 2015

You’re excited  about playing your favorite games in Virtual Reality with Intugame VR, but there seems to be an issue? WORRY NO MORE!

Here is the guide to troubleshooting or diagnosing the problem.


1. Use Intugame VR’s Test Client:

  • Update Intugame VR to its latest version
  • Locate the TestClient.exe in Intugame VR’s installation folder (usually C:\Program Files\Intugame\Intugame server)
  • Run the Test Client;
  • Run Intugame VR on your PC;
  • Click the ‘Play’ button on the upper left on the Test Client;
  • Select your smartphone model from the dropdown menu at the top bar;
  • Choose whether you want to view the picture side by side or regular;

If the picture is being streamed to the Test client, then the problem is with the smartphone.

If the problem is present in the Test Client as well, then there is an issue with the server, this being the desktop app.

In cases like these or if the app works but the performance is poor, this is what you have to do next:

2.  Run CMD (Command Prompt) AS ADMINISTRATOR.

3. Navigate to the desktop app, here is what the path usually looks like: C:\Program Files\Intugame\Intugame server

4. In CMD run PerfCountersRegister.bat

5. Open Performance Monitor (you can search for it in Windows’ Start Menu).

6. Click “Add”  (The greed plus icon) and find Intugame VR Processing.

7. Select the relevant indicators. Here are the main ones you might need to check:

  • “Capture Frames” – the number of frames per second that Intugame VR captures from the game;
  • “Encode Frames” – the number of frames per second being encoded for sending to the smartphone;
  • “Stream Frames” – the number of frames per second that are being sent to the client over the Wi-Fi; Normally on Windows 10 those should be around 60 FPS while the game is running. If they are less, then there is a ‘bottleneck’ somewhere;
  • “Stream Size” – the average size of the frames. It should be checked if the Stream Frames count is too low;
  • “Server Time” – the latency of 1 frame from the server;

8. Make a screenshot of the relevant counter while it is running, as shown on the images below:

9. Send the screenshots to


There are several possible reasons for poor performance of Intugame VR. Here are key points to keep in mind:

  • Go to Intugame VR’s Settings and lower the Quality to Medium or Low:
  • For playing in Virtual Reality you’ll need a rather strong Wi-Fi, respectively – a pretty good router. We recommend a 5Ghz gigabit router (around a $100 worth for example);
  • In case the app crashes, go to the Logs which are usually at “User\AppData\Local\IntugameServerUI\Logs”. Archive them in a .zip and send  them to;
  • If the controls/head-tracking in the game are reverted, make sure the option ‘Watch YouTube 360 videos’ is disabled;
  • For any other types of issues with Intugame VR, describe your devices, operation system and all other relevant information in an email to;

Hopefully this guide made playing in VR easier for you if you had any of the issues covered here.

Have fun in the reality of your choice!


  1. averysumner

    For me the app just flat out won’t open, please help.

  2. Avery T.

    I tried the test client thing, It was being streamed to there. Is there any fix for this?

  3. Michael Brehmer

    The 3d picture of my smarthone likes an Okulus Rift one.
    It’s too small and has not the real cardboard format.

  4. Justin

    THis is what I get when I try and run the PC software.

    2015/12/13 – 16:52:59.945 | Thread: RenderManager (6584) | Severity: Error (1) | Facility: Internal (0) | Message:
    Method: IntuGame::VREngine::DXGIDesktopDuplicator::Initialize
    Line : 115
    Code : 887A0004
    Error : The specified device interface or feature level is not supported on this system.

  5. Randolph A

    Is there any way to increase frame rates by connecting your phone (i have a iPhone) to the computer or have the server app run on the gpu of the pc?

  6. ola

    It’s impossible to open TestClient on Windows 7 64, it crashes every time. Is there any solution to make it work? Thanks

  7. Lane

    My phone app of intugame says it is connected to the PC and moves the mouse arrow around like it normally should, however the screen on my phone is black even though it is connected. Also the intugame on the PC says that the two are not connected when they clearly are. Is there a way to fix this? The test client says it works fine and if it is my phone I have no idea what it could be. It is weird because the program worked earlier and just now is randomly messing up.

    • Bayarox

      Hi, I had the Same Problem with you, and only got a Black Screen with the Free Demo Version. Then i bought the Premium Version and – now – I don´t know why, it works absolutly great. Testet with GTA5 – wonderful! Fantastic Software!

  8. MArtin

    hi, im having issues loading up the test client. it just crashes as soon as i open it up, ive been trying to follow these steps but im not getting any luck

  9. Sal

    Having trouble with Samsung Note 5. When the app is launched and I connect to the gearvr, the menu to connect to PC flashes in and out and I’m not able to connect to the pc to try and play.

  10. Arsen

    program does not work

  11. Arsen

    program does not work windows 8
    I paid for it in the apps store and I can not In Use

    The Intugame VR encounter an error during initialization error not open

  12. curtis

    If I pay for the premium version of intugames can i save my custom settings on the pc? Once I save settings and close the window it reverts to the default, also I can’t save my profile to a .cfg file so that’s stopping me from buying it right now but I will if I can keep custom settings

  13. sisco

    Hi i can’t run the .exe file that I downloaded to install the program at all. I really wanted to try your program but I can’t because i cant even install it. i’m running an asus x32 computer

  14. Steve W.

    I tried the Gear VR version. I have an NVidia 960 and a solid i5 with 16G RAM. I am guessing from performance that the software was tasking the phone (mine is Note5 with 64GB) with the actual rendering. Is that accurate? If so, is it possible to let my NVidia do the rendering while still using the improved Gear VR headtracking? Lastly, is there any wired tethering solution you know of using the Gear VR to improve video streaming.

    I love what you’ve done so far. It’s great where you’re going. IMO your software could make the Gear VR a better PC VR solution than the Rift (the Note 5 has better resolution after all). I just need wired tether, and render on my NVidia 960 (which could be upgraded to dual 960 to improve performance).

  15. david

    I click the desktop app and nothing happens. I’m using Windows 7.

  16. Aidan

    Whenever I press start it shows my screen for 2 seconds then goes back to menu of the app. Help would be appreciated

  17. Jakeson

    i am using the beta for intugame and the freetrack isn’t moving the head of the character but instead the whole screen moves with the vr (im using the gear vr versiion)

  18. Jonathan M

    Hi I was able to use your app with my Samsung Gear VR headset and my s6 edge plus. I streamed my Xbox One to my Windows 10 computer and then connected your app and was playing a game “Killer Instinct” on my VR headset. It worked great. The only issue is the screen is pretty stretched out. When I move my head to look left or right the whole image/screen moves so I have a hard time seeing the screen on the far left and far right and some on the bottom and top. Anyway to fix this issue?

    • Jonathan M

      I figured out how to make screen smaller. I went to settings and instead of choosing Samsung Gear and chose custom setting and changed Screen to lens distance. That option still needs better controls but it works. It would be good if you can select a kind of screen where you can look around like a movie theater screen option to play games on.

  19. Samuel Peters

    The Jury is out, it seems as after the latest update, my trackIR5 no longer works with the phone client. I have ran numerous test ran track IR without using the IntugameVR app and it worked for the whole 15 minutes of my test flight! Never crashed. Now since the update the TrackIR5 will no longer work with the IntugameVR headtracking shot off like it did before. I have to use the hat switch on my joystick to move my head in the game which defeats the purpose of having trackIR5. The IntugameVR headtracking doesnt work on my note4. Can you explain to me how to get that working since I can no longer use my TrackIR5? Its suppose to use the gyroscope in phone, much like my virtual leveler and Satfinder app works. but it fails whats going on?

  20. Daniel

    I have a Note 5. My pc is running Windows 8.1. I tried to follow the instructions
    I get the error “Server connection lost” when I press the “play” button in the Test Client exe.
    I can see my desktop in the headset, but no game screens when they launch, just frozen images.

  21. Max

    some games like (No More Room in Hell) and etc…, not working

  22. Jordan pondeley

    I can’t connect for some reason I have the WiFi set up but every time I tap play it just says disconnected

  23. Delphic

    This is really a great app. I am running ASUS ROG G752VT laptop with an ASUS RT-AC3200 router and Gear VR. Works Really well. Playing Fallout 4. Only 2 suggestions to improve.

    1) Head tracking sensivity needs to be jacked, I am getting dizzy from spinning in my swivel chair. (In game and Intugame head tracking maxed).

    2) Head tracking disabled when using a controler, only works for keyboard & mouse control.

    Fix that and this is MINT.

  24. Troy

    Hey everyone i just recently bought samsung vr headset and ive downloaded the intugame app but it shows my pc until i plug the phone into the samsung vr headset and then goes black screen then goes to samsung vr headset homepage is there any app that works with the vr headset that has its own menu screen cause intugame just closes the app
    When i put my phone into it

  25. emerson

    im using a iPhone 4 which is running on 7.1.2 i have a black screen and i did the steps to remove it it just wont work


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