Quark VR is now available. Download below or learn more.

What is Quark VR SDK?

Quark VR SDK is a multi-platform VR development tool that allows you to build your virtual reality app, game or scene once and run it on every wired or wireless VR headset. The headsets include Google Cardboard, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Zeiss’ VR One, Playstation VR, and many more. All the heavy lifting is done by the PC which then streams the VR-ready picture to the mobile device or headset.

Who can use Quark VR SDK?

Quark VR SDK is intended for every app, game or scene creator that wants to get in on the VR action, but doesn’t have unlimited budget or a dedicated teams for virtual reality development. Quark VR SDK integrates seamlessly with the most popular game engines Unity and Unreal.

Where can I get Quark VR SDK?

Quark VR SDK is already available for Unity (check the top of the page). Support for Unreal and other engines will be available here, on quarkvr.io later this year. Make sure you’ve subscribed as a developer for our newsletter, so that you don’t miss the good news and updates when they arrive!

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