Japanese VR Girlfriend Might Be Better For VR Than You Think


Yes, we know, it might sound a bit creepy at first, but virtual girlfriends have been a thing for some time now. Still, this VR girlfriend from FutureLeap takes social interaction to a whole new level. This game features a real person (instead of an animated character), and, apparently, you can almost feel her breathing on your neck while she whispers in your ear. And while we’re still not quite…

Top 5 VR Arcade Experiences

June 21st, 2017
VR Arcade

Arcade games might be a thing from the past, but VR Arcades and theme parks are definitely the future. We’ve already talked about how arcades are making a comeback thanks to VR and there are so many awesome VR experiences right now, we decided to put on a non-comprehensive list of our favorite ones so far. Ghostbusters We know – “Ghostbusters: Now Hiring” had some negative reviews but people tend…