5 Brand New PSVR Titles Revealed at E3

June 13th, 2017

As expected, Sony revelaed a bunch of new titles for PSVR, including Skyrim, but today we’ll take a quick look at the brand new titles that were announced. Star Child This VR platformer game looks quite beautiful and from what we see in the trailer, we gotta say we’re definitely excited to try it out. Not sure yet about how the controls will work but there’s plenty of time to…

What to Expect From the VR World at E3 2017


E3 is just a month away and we were eager to see what are the big names in the VR world ready to show at one of the biggest video game conferences out there. E3 is a great opportunity for the biggest brands to showcase new content and even tech, but, as it seems, we won’t see as much as we’d like to see. Here’s what the big VR names…

Quark VR Heading to the US!

October 24th, 2016

Exciting news for us and all of you, VR enthusiasts in the US! Quark VR is going to attend the Virtual Reality Developers Conference (VRDC) in San Francisco, California on November 2-3! There we’ll present a few new very exciting demos that we’ve been working on in the past months. VRDC brings together creators of amazing, immersive VR (and AR) experiences to share best practices and demo new technology, and…

Key Specs of the Main VR Headsets and What Video Card You Need, Part II

August 19th, 2016

The questions have been piling up after our article the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Star VR and Deepoon E2. Now we’ll share with you the details on a few more impressive headsets. This first headset is a stranger to no one. Unlike the other devices in this list the GearVR requires a Samsung smartphone to operate. Priced at $99 it a bargain if you already have a smartphone. With a…