Top 5 Upcoming Oculus Rift Games in 2018

February 19th, 2018

Got an Oculus Rift but you’re still not sure if there will be enough quality gaming content for it in 2018. Don’t worry! Here are 5 Oculus Rift games that you will be able to enjoy in 2018!

1. Marvel Powers United
Become your favorite superhero! The Hulk, Deadpool, Thor, Rocket, and other heroes from the Marvel universe are all playable characters in this FPS.

2. Transference
Transference is an immersive half game, half psychological thriller movie. The player dives into the minds of the members of a defunct family, trying to repair the damage that broke their relationship. Also, yes – Elijah Wood is in it.

3. Beat Saber
If you’re familiar with the amazing AudioShield for HTC Vive, then you’ll most definitely enjoy Beat Saber. It’s pretty much AudioShield meets Fruit Ninja, where instead of defending yourself from music beats with shields, you destroy the beats with your light sabers. Seems like quite the workout, right?

4. Megaton Rainfall
Well, Megaton Rainfall is not an Oculus Rift exclusive but it is coming to Oculus Rift AND it looks awesome so we can’t miss the chance to recommend it to you. Put your headset on, take your controller, and start flying around as a god-like creature with enormous superpowers. Destroy aliens, cities, mountains, and whatever else you want!

5. Pixel Ripped 1989
Ah, nostalgia. Going back to the 80s while using your VR headset sounds a bit like an oximoron but it’s actually quite fun. Pixel Ripped 1989 is pretty much an emulator for a 8-bit game but if you gt caught in it, you get sent to the headmaster’s office where your handheld game obsession will be dealt with.

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