What is Quark VR?

Quark VR is the fastest compression and streaming solution for Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality (V/A/MR). Our technology is hardware agnostic and can stream to multiple headsets without compromising on fidelity. Quark VR uses a novel approach that runs the entire compression on the GPU in parallel and encodes each frame in just 1ms, while standard video codecs take 8-12ms to encode a frame. Using GPU compression makes it upgradable via software updates, with big performance boost over using a CPU, with less friction to integrate compared to custom hardware, and with lower cost to manufacture and distribute.

Who can use Quark VR?

Quark VR is hardware agnostic and any OEM can benefit from it. It’s already field tested by VR arcades. Our technology is intended for multiple industries: wireless VR accessories, V/A/MR OEMs, low-latency video streaming, and more.

Where do I start?

Interested to see how your business can benefit from Quark VR? Drop us a line at office@quarkvr.io and we will guide you in tailoring the best experience for your audience and users.